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Spring Questions & Answers

Like many of you, I am busy in the early spring opening up water gardens. Each of these projects is very important because it prepares the pond for the HOT summer months. Come and visit us for your entire pond needs!

Q: When can I start feeding my fish?
A: The answer to that question is found in your pond thermometer. Occasionally, read your thermometer in the early mornings. When the pond temperature stabilizes at 50 degrees or higher, it's okay to start feeding your fish. We have several Spring time fish foods that are easier for the fish to digest.

Q: How do I care for my anacharis?
A: If your anacharis made it through the winter in good shape, simply give it a little trimming and wash it with fresh water. On the other hand if it is brown in color or has excessive algae on it, throw it away. It's not worth the hassle of cleaning it up when you can replace it inexpensively!

Q: Should I add Stress Coat to my holding tank water ? What about a dechlor?
A: Definitely! Stress Coat is a unique water conditioner that replaces the natural mucous slime coating on the skin of pond fish. In addition to your holding tank, you will also want to add Stress Coat to the pond before returning fish from the holding tank. If your tap water contains chlorine don't forget to use a dechlor or else you'll send your fish on a one way trip!

Q: When is a good time to divide and repot hardy lilies, hardy marginals and lotus?
A: Now! As a matter of fact, March and April are the only months you can divide & repot lotus. If you don't believe me, try it!

Q: When can I start applying bacteria and enzymes? Start your application of bacteria & enzymes when your pond water reaches a temperature of 55-60 degrees F. Continue this application throughout the season until water temperature falls below 55-60 degrees. Water conditions certainly determine how well any product will perform. Bring us a sample of your pond water and we'll test it free of charge!
NOTE: There are some companies offering products to be used in cold pond water, below 50 degrees F. I'll let you be the judge!

Q: When should I purchase tropical floaters?
A: Don't purchase these plants too early. Placing tropical floaters, such as hyacinths and lettuce, in water that is below 68-70 degrees F stresses the plants tremendously. In addition, avoid direct hot sunlight for a few days on the newly purchased floaters. If water temperature allows, our floaters will be available the last week of April or definitely by first week of May. I'll keep you posted! You wouldn't believe the number of people that turn their crystal clear water to pea green soup by not fertilizing correctly. Don't feel bad, I learned the hard way too!